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Create a secure feed for your friends, family, or local trading community. Follow your favorite guru to get their take on high potential trades.

Trade & Track

Link your brokerage account and effortlessly act on any idea. All trades and tips are tracked with our proprietary technology.

Share & Monetize

Have full control over who sees your trades. Every time someone acts on your idea you instantly earn a portion of the technology fee.

Who uses Trade Exchange?


Gain access to tips from industry leaders with verified track records. You don't need to be an active trader or accredited investor to benefit from some of the great minds that are currently on The Trade Exchange.

Trading Communities

Give your community a higher level of transparency, and get a better sense of how your group is performing. All members can contribute to the pool of ideas -  creating opportunities for everyone to learn and prosper.

Publishers & Professionals

Develop deeper trust thanks to the fact that The Trade Exchange accurately tracks and validates your market performance for your followers. Reach new audiences – and monetize your relationships.

The Easiest Way to Trade on the Ideas You Trust

There are a lot of people out there giving trading advice - and until now, it’s been hard to tell good advice from great advice. With Trade Exchange, you can trust the advice that’s given because their track record is right there for you to see. Every trade is tracked and documented, so you can see who gives the best advice over time.

The Easiest Way to Trade on the Ideas You Trust

If you like an idea, just Count Me In with three simple clicks.. No more reading emails and texts then logging in to your broker account to take action.

The Exchange’s proprietary technology will let you know who put their money behind which ideas and how that person is performing in real time.

Our Security Standards

Bank Level Secuirty

All your information is always fully encrypted. The Exchange uses the same 256-bit encryption that banks use.

Your Privacy is Top of Mind

The Exchange will never store a member’s brokerage or banking login credentials.

Highest Quality Standard Partners

The Trade Exchange is partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide you with the highest level of security available to financial service organizations.

Access Multiple Accounts Safely

Access multiple accounts simultaneously and securely with the knowledge that no information is seen, stored, or shared between institutions.

Tips You Can Trust


The details of a trade you want to execute don’t get lost in translation because as soon as you see it, just click Count Me In to execute with three simple clicks..


See what others are doing and how they’re performing. No more guessing if someone is doing as well as they say they are.


Those trying to help and those getting help need to be held accountable for what they trade and what they don’t.  With The Exchange those details are available.

Our Mission

To bring a greater level of knowledge, transparency, and accountability to investors.