Trade Exchange Founder Series – Bob Knight

Trade Exchange Founder Interview Series - 1Q2021

We’ve recently conducted several one-on-one interviews between Trade Exchange’s founder and CEO Mike Anton and expert stock pickers. In each, Mike talks with the expert about their experience and investment discipline and philosophy. We have them analyze recent trades and discuss the “whys” behind each, as well as how they select the expert’s overall approach.

Bob Knight - Turbo Trading

Bob Knight of Turbo Trading Swing Trade Membership is among our top performing products, returning over 100% through 9 months. Hear more about his disciplined approach, with a focus on momentum and buying/selling activity. Note his nimble, agnostic approach to hot sectors – cannabis, electric vehicles crypto – he sees the activity, capitalizes on it and moves on after rallies have taken place. Bob delivers many ideas across the platform – he recommends following all trades to ensure his followers capture a representative set of winners (70% of his ideas have been winners) to compensate for those that do not prove profitable.

Barry Steinman - Opportunities in Emerging Growth Stocks

Barry Steinman has delivered impressive results since joining the Trade Exchange, with over a 100% return (as of 2/18/2021). 91% of his ideas have been winners and his average winner has returned 63%. Learn about how his tracking of macro trends (new administration, Covid-19, China) and his experience with commodities and equities exchanges influence his stock picks. He reviews his thinking behind some of his picks (TIGR, SGBX, AG). And he sheds light on the value provided by Reddit communities and looks to the future.

Rod David - viditrade

Rod David of viditrade talks about how he combines his research with chart analysis to identify reliable, repeatable buying patters. He uses the analogy “surgical airstrike” to describe how he seeks to efficiently deploy investment capital on stocks poised to move. He reviews a couple of recent highly profitable ideas – TLRY and BB – that illustrate his approach.

Mike Levin - We Trade Setups

Learn more about Mike Levin and We Trade Setups – how he captures short-term profits by combining technical and fundamental analysis. Mike finds stocks poised for rapid, highly profitable “movement in the middle” using classic setups in pricing charts. If you believe in this approach but lack the time or experience to do the analysis yourself, follow We Trade Setups on the Trade Exchange! Mike has had a 60% return and an 80% win rate across all of his picks since partnering with us.

Serge Berger - The Steady Trader

Serge Berger’s approach focuses more on big picture themes. As of late February 2021, 75% of Serge’s picks were winners and he was up over 40% across all of his ideas. Many of Serge’s picks were in household names like Bank of America, Chevron, Apple and Disney along with ETFs. Serge talks about how he uses ETFs as a way to make an initial move into a sector, then moving into individual names.

The Alpha Chartist - Tim Fortier

Tim Fortier of Alpha Chartist talks about his experience and evolving approach to identifying ideas. He began his career finding “cup and handle” formations on printed stock charts received in the mail. The tools have evolved and Tim has added more to his arsenal, but this discipline remains. Tim focuses on fundamentals like risk management, the power of compounding and removing emotion from trading. Mike and Tim discuss a couple of example trades – the first being HEXO – a company in a strong sector with a strong earnings, revenue and EDITDA profile. They also discuss Sorrento Therapeutics, which emerged from two of Tim’s screens: a strong-performing sectors and high options volume.

Trade Exchange Webinar – My Happy Trades

Trade Exchange Webinar Series – My Happy Trading

Check out this episode of the Trade Exchange Investment Expert Webinar Series with Andy Wang of My Happy Trading. Andy is both involved in the film industry (visual effects) and also an expert trader. Andy’s results are impressive – returns of 75% through February 17 with 86% of his ideas delivering profits.

Andy uses charts – beginning with technical analysis and then moving onto fundamental analysis. He talks about extending his perspective beyond newsworthy stocks to other fundamentally-sound stocks within a hot industry. He uses FCEL as a case study in how he finds opportunities with laggards in a hot sector.

Top Trades – Late January

Top Trades Update - Late January

Excellent results continue for our professional stock pickers in the second half of January. We’re excited to feature two new experts in this edition of Top Trades – Mike Levin and Rajendra Parmar! While we are featuring specific stock picks in these updates, these are not just one-off winners. Stay tuned for another update in the coming days – we will feature our top overall performers across ALL of their 2020 picks. You will be impressed by their results! Follow Tom Waller, Bob Knight, Mike Levin and Rajendra Parmar and others on the Trade Exchange App. Receive the specifics of their stock picks in real time – what to buy, at what price, how much, when to sell and at what price – all on your mobile phone.

ACTCW: +147% in 2 weeks – TC Investments

A big winner in a SPAC warrant. “I did a partial research report on my Twitter, please check the pinned tweet for more information (@TC_Investments). Some things not included there: This is a NEW stock – listed November 23rd. I love buying and holding SPAC’s near $10. I am targeting the warrants for this and see a lot of upside and little downside. It should be super easy for them to find a company because their focus is clean energy. One of the board members is the co-founder of Clean Energy for Biden. Holding for a few weeks for them to find a target. I prefer to buy the warrants for the potential percentage returns they can generate.”

TLRY: +123% in 6 weeks – Turbo Trading

One of our top stock pickers uncovers another big winner in an entirely different sector! Bob Knight, Turbo Trading: “With the new administration now confirmed, the Feds are now more likely to legalize pot.  As such, there is keen speculation that the sector will show strong growth over the next 2 years. TLRY is one of the main players and is lagging. Look for it to catch up with the rest of the sector, especially compared to CGC.”

CYCN: +45% in 2 months – We Trade Setups

Finding a great trading pattern with a high potential, early-stage company. Mike Levin, We Trade Setups: “Cyclerion Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharm company that engages in the development and commercialization of various treatments for serious and orphan diseases. Its product candidates include Olinciguat, an orally administered drug that is in Phase II studies for the treatment of sickle cell disease. I like CYCN not only for this drug, but because its trading pattern fits my specialty – catching breakouts from technical patterns resulting in outsized short-term gains.”

X (US Steel): +36% in 3 weeks – RajCAP

We love featuring Top Trades with “old school” names. Rajendra Parmar, RajCAP: “The trading idea was based on Elliott Wave trading technique, according to which it is within the impulse cycle and traded for 5th wave up of the sequence. The trade entry was supported by momentum indicators, volume and market outperformance and having good risk/reward set up. The risk/reward ratio was 3.4, which is considered to be good for short-term swing setups. The metal sector was performing well against the SPX. That’s the reason X was a great pick within that trading window.”

DISCLAIMER: While these ideas (dates, times and purchase/sale prices for entry and exits) have been documented within Trade Exchange’s system, these are examples of past performance and not an indicator or promise of future performance. Individuals who follow experts featured on the Trade Exchange assume all risks and take full responsibility for unveiling and following ideas, whether they execute trades in their linked brokerage account through the Trade Exchange app or in their brokerage accounts that are not linked via the Trade Exchange app. Trade Exchange strongly encourages everyone to review all the trades posted by a partner, as many lose money. All results –  including entry and exit prices – are available for review.

Trade Exchange Partner Series – Bill Cara

Bill Cara has been one of Trade Exchange’s top stock pickers over the past few months, with big winners in both the biotech and metals & mining sectors. Check out Episode 6 of the Trade Exchange Partner Series with Layah Heilpern to learn more about his approach!

Trade Exchange Partner Series – Rick’s Picks

Rick Ackerman – Founder and CEO of Rick’s Picks LLC, joins us for Episode 5 of the Trade Exchange Partner Series with Layah Heilpern. Rick talks about how he delivers immediately actionable ideas on the Trade Exchange platform, allowing even the busiest of investors to follow his stock picks.

Trade Exchange Partner Series – Bull & Bear Trading

Trade Exchange Partner Series, Episode 4: Terry Donahue, Bull & Bear Trading

Terry Donahue – Founder of Bull & Bear Trading, joins us for Episode 4 of the Trade Exchange Partner Series with Layah Heilpern. Terry talks about his career, the importance of innovation in trading and why he feels the Trade Exchange is delivering revolutionary capabilities to investors.

Trade Exchange Partner Series – viditrade

Trade Exchange Partner Series, Episode 3: Rod David, viditrade

Rod David, Founder of viditrade, joins us for Episode 3 of the Trade Exchange Partner Series with Layah Heilpern. Rod prides himself on a disciplined approach that identifies stocks primed for significant moves. Watch this episode to learn more!

Trade Exchange Partner Series – Turbo Trading

Trade Exchange Partner Series Episode 2:

Bob Knight, Turbo Trading

Bob Knight, Founder, President and Head Trader of Turbo Trading, joins us for Episode 2 of the Trade Exchange Partner Series – with Layah Heilpern. Bob talks about his career and his approach that allows him to trade profitably in a bull, bear or sideways market. He also talk about the Trade Exchange and why he’s excited about the partnership.

Trade Exchange Partner Series – The Steady Trader

Trade Exchange Partner Series Episode 1:

Serge Berger, The Steady Trader

Serge Berger, Head Trader and CIO of The Steady Trader, joins us for Episode 1 of the Trade Exchange Partner Series – with Layah Heilpern. Serge takes us through his career and his investment approach, which combines macroeconomic analysis and a bottom-up approach. He explains why he decided to partner with Trade Exchange and provides his opinion on how the market will trade. He also identifies a sector with high potential and how to pursue the opportunity.