Trade Exchange Launches App That Connects Self-Directed Investors to Verified Investment Experts – Who Only Get Paid for Winning Ideas

Trade Exchange is a New York-based startup providing a marketplace for verified trading and investment ideas.


Trade Exchange App - Performance View

NEW YORK, September 29, 2020 ( –Trade Exchange today announces the launch of its new app, delivering actionable trading and investment ideas to self-directed investors’ mobile phones. This launch is further bolstered by Trade Exchange’s Per Idea Plus pricing model, in which investment experts are only paid for profitable ideas. For the first time, experts and the people they help are on the same side of the table.

Trade Exchange has partnered with over 40 independent investment experts, providing actionable ideas tracked in real time. Investors can access a dynamic marketplace and apply specific criteria, including sector focus and holding period to create their own all-star team of experts. They can use Trade Exchange’s patented analytics to review an expert’s performance and track every idea they receive – the trades they acted on as well as the ideas they didn’t take.

Trade Exchange delivers a seamless trading experience through leading online brokerage firms. Self-directed investors can receive an idea, review its price and rationale, and assess associated risks and trade, all within a few clicks on any mobile device. Customers can try the platform through a simulated account prior to trading their own funds.

“The vast majority of self-directed investors are eager to pay for actionable investment ideas but struggle to assess experts’ expertise and credibility. In addition, most people are not in front of a desktop computer all day. We aim to support 60 million people wanting to play an active role in their investments but need to manage busy lives,” said Michael Anton, Founder and CEO.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 7 million new brokerage accounts in the U.S. have been opened. Many self-directed investors already pay top dollar for investment guidance through subscriptions, seminars, and classes but often find them overly complicated and time-consuming.

“In order to truly democratize finance, there needs to be a platform where the top investment minds can earn comparable income supporting all investors, not just the wealthy. We’ve spent years in the field determining how to create a reality in which experts, individuals, and financial institutions all benefit,” said Anton. “We are proud of our technology as it represents a true complement to the system and the only mathematical solution that could achieve true democratization of investment expertise.”


Trade Exchange is a trade alert marketplace featuring experts with verified track records. Self-directed investors can find experts suited to their needs, see each expert’s performance history, and execute trades directly in their linked brokerage account or a simulated trading account, all within the Trade Exchange app, available now in the App Store and in Google Play.

Experts on the Trade Exchange include: Altos Trading, Alpha Insights, Aspen Trading Group, Bull & Bear Trading, Contrary Thinker, East Summit Financial, Fibocall, Fractal Wave, Greenfield Capital, If/Then Market Timing, the Inger Letter, LaDuc Trading, Jonah Lupton, Market Analysts, Prendergraft Research, Rick’s Picks, Sharper Trades, Barry Steinman, Steady Trader,, Sunshine Profits, Trader Review, Trading Stock Alerts, Travel Trader, Turbo Trading, Daniel Turov, Vantage Alerts, the Wallstreet Forecaster, and Weather Shares.

CONTACT: Kyle Okimoto – CMO / [email protected]

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