Top Trade Update - mid-February

Our experts continue to deliver verified trading profits on the Trade Exchange. Since our last Top Trades email 3 weeks ago, our experts have booked gains of over 90% gains on 10 trades, over 40% gains on 32 trades and over 20% gains on 81 trades. See the specifics of every one of these trades here – you can receive ideas in real time with specific entry/exit prices and updates – and execute all of them in your linked brokerage account – all through the Trade Exchange app.

In case you missed our last update, our top 20 experts have delivered aggregate returns in excess of 70% across every idea delivered on the Trade Exchange. This includes every expert featured below. Click here for our Top 20 and follow this blog link to see details on every trade from our top 10 experts. Bob Knight, Terry Donahue and Barry Steinman have each delivered VERIFIED returns exceeding 100%. 

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CLVR (+ warrants): +277% (warrants – 2 wks) / 106% (5 wks) – Cara Biotech, Metals & Top Picks

Bill Cara delivered this idea two ways – through a higher risk/reward warrant trade and also with the underlying stock. “This is a vertically integrated, global cannabis company with a solid board and management team, with former US Senator Tom Daschle as a special advisor. They offer a sustainable, high-efficiency large-scale cultivation and extraction of cannabinoids and produce pharmaceutical and consumer brands in the wellness, lifestyle and beauty segments.”

TIGR: +262% in 7 weeks – Barry Steinman Opportunities in Emerging Growth Stocks

A big winner in online brokerage in China. Barry Steinman: “China’s economy is booming post-pandemic and their middle class only now being created. The ‘mobile first’ strategy that has been a smashing success for American retail investors using platforms such as Robinhood is now being played out in China. The platform also enables investors to trade on multiple exchanges around the world.”

TRVG: +169% in 1 week – RajCAP

RajCAP identifies an opportunity in Europe. “The trading idea was based on the Elliott wave trading technique and selected for a short term trend reversal trade with a zigzag pattern. The risk/reward ratio was 5.43, which is quite good for short term swing set up for 1-2 week trade duration. I recommend a trend reversal set up done in pull back only when it starts outperforming the index and after a proven confirmatory wave pattern.”

BB: +163% in 2 weeks – viditrade

A stock caught up in the r/wallstreetbets turmoil, but one with true potential. Rod David of viditrade: “We all know BlackBerry as the handheld device/phone that got buried by flip phones, iPhones and Androids. But realizing its brand is tied to security, they’ve focused on that. And AMZN just partnered with BB, which could go a lot of ways, but generally in one likely direction.”

OPTT: +133% in 10 days – Tom’s Stock Picks

OPTT converts ocean wave energy into electricity. Tom Waller of TC Investments: “This is an innovative company to say the least. They have ‘Powerbuoys’ that they offer to customers like the US Navy. I was invested in this company in July and its price hit $4.70+ (6x) in the last 3 months. It’s set to run higher with the inauguration.”

CCIV: +109% in 3 weeks – Bull & Bear Trading

SPACs remain hot. Someone who followed every one of Bull & Bear Trading’s ideas would have doubled their money over the past 8 months. Terry Donahue from Bull & Bear: “Churchill Capital may bring Lucid Motors public. This stock seems to be at the right place at the right time.”

SMMT: +92% in 8 weeks – Turbo Trading Swing Trade Membership

Bob Knight, our top stock picker since Trade Exchange’s inception continues to pick winners, with 22 of the top 80 trades over the past three weeks. “Sometimes, it is not always about trading the stocks in vogue. We also find stocks with less volatility but that still give huge gains. Lots of people would like to double their money in less than 2 months.”

DISCLAIMER: While these ideas (dates, times and purchase/sale prices for entry and exits) have been documented within Trade Exchange’s system, they are examples of past results and not an indicator or promise of future performance. Individuals who follow experts featured on the Trade Exchange assume all risks and take full responsibility for unveiling and following ideas, whether they execute trades in their linked brokerage account through the Trade Exchange app or in their brokerage accounts that are not linked via the Trade Exchange app. Trade Exchange strongly encourages everyone to review all the trades posted by a partner, as many lose money. All results – including entry and exit prices – are available for review.

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